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          mesq is the first of the mesq species in recorded history. In the beginning it was quite lonely spending countless days on a journey questioning his purpose. He was the only one of his kind but it wouldn’t be like that forever.

         After years of searching for others like him, he found a blue creature hiding in a torn down cabin. Together they searched for more. Eventually they had a group of 8.

         After grouping up, they started establishing a civilization called scrog. mesq became head of the group because of experience and most looked up to him (except neon). scrog was a quiet, happy, and safe place for all the mesq species to live in. It comforted them not being isolated like they were, but not all mesq species were alone.

         bK, zK, and neon were together and were always hesitant on joining but they eventually did. Soon after, scrog was better than ever before. Sadly it wouldn’t last for long because of talks about leaving and forming their own civilization.

         It angered the remaining citizens of scrog because the city depended on the few citizens it had to be a successful and functioning community. mesq had to step in and try to calm the tensions down within the community. A few wanted to go under their own name. The people of scrog thought it would put the whole community at risk of internal conflict and territory disputes.

         mesq was growing tired of all the talk of a new civilization because this one was working perfectly fine. The opposing side wasn't budging, so a battle broke out and scrog ended up winning the battle against the self proclaimed “qsem” group. In this battle, mesq would have to fight against his own people.

         After defeating the qsem, the people of scrog exiled any participants fighting for them (members include zK, bK, and neon). mesq has since taken the throne and reigned king of the city scrog ever since. Only waiting for the day the qsem come back and attempt their final attack out of desperation.