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             Neon is the reason for the rebellion. To bring it all back, neon was a sweet boy who wanted nothing but to meet others who were like him (just like mesq). The issue was, he wanted more in numbers for his own personal gain unlike the others who were on the same journey. This is why he never really gets the respect that mesq got. He couldn’t handle not being number one so he formed a mini group within the city of scrog called “qsem”.

             He’s always had the trust of zK and bK because they grew up together. They never really understood that he was treating them as henchmen so they went along with neon and formed qsem. This resulted in them falling to the hand of scrog shortly after. When they fell, zK and bK were begging neon to call a truce and go under the conditions scrog presented.

             neon didn’t want to hear what scrog had to say so he left. neon asked if bK and zK were coming with him, after knowing him for years they felt as if they couldn’t abandon him so they all left together. neon has since been training daily, trying to gather whatever he can for the day that he can see mesq and challenge scrog without bk and zk to interfere.